Sunday, May 13, 2007


Cashier Woman at the terribly named Inman Perk. She called me baby and anyone who calls me baby greatly increases their chance of getting a flower. She said, "Thank you for my beelup, um, I mean, flower." I asked her what "beelup" meant and she said, "Nothing. I was just talking about something else." She was about to say something else, but her Coffee Maker Coworker said, "I want a flower!!" I told her I would give her one but the Casher Woman said, "I will give you mine Morgan!" They went back and forth for a while. I could not remember everything they said. I sat down with Jamie, with whom I was visiting, and Cashier Woman called out, "Thanks again for my flower. Happy Mother's Day!!!" I do not know if she gave the flower to her coworker or not. It was a very complex exchange.

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