Friday, June 22, 2007


Brooke in the Trader Joe's Parking Lot. I took her grocery cart and gave her a flower. She said, "You're the Flower Guy." I did not know what to think about her reaction, so I just said yes. She said that she reads my blog and she is friends with Tom Bell. We introduced each other. Afterwards, Heather said, "That changes every thing. You're famous." Ha! It was odd that someone knew who I was. Very fun!

Hey Brooke!! It was nice meeting you, thanks for reading my blog!!

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Brooke said...

It was nice meeting you as well, Stewart, and thanks so much for the flower! I immediately called my friend Meg (she works with Tom Bell's wife, Lilia, and introduced me to Tom, who in turn introduced us to your blog) to brag that I got the June 22, 2007 flower. It made my afternoon.