Friday, August 17, 2007


Erika. She said, "Thanks man!" and she asked if I had piles of them sitting at home. I explained I made about 60 at a time. She asked if they were all the same color. No, some have a black background and some have a white background. I have not given away any black background ones away yet. She got one with a green background.


Erika said...

Is this ruining your blog? No one else has posted a comment yet either I'm a little slow or your email address isn't posted anywhere and darn it I had to respond! First of all this is seriously just about the coolest thing since sliced bread... I don't know what to say first: should it be #1) what a fantabulous idea to even do this not to mention how deeply ballsy and personably admirable it is on so many levels... #2) damn you for not letting me think of a perfectly clever response knowing I was going down in history on such a cool trend!!!! or finally #3) how can it be I've been at the gardens for 14 months now and only am I NOW getting a flower?? ;)

Alright I digress...totally fabulous to meet you Stewart and might I say you've actually brought a sense of real social perspective to this crazy social experiment known as blogging....not to mention that you've just made my August. Thanks Stewart! :)

ps-extra cheers for spelling my name right!!
pps-happy late birthday :-P said...

I want one with a black background, painted in glow in the dark paint...
so, do you write anything on the back, or leave your blog address so they can comment on how they felt receiving the flower?
Did you ever think of taking their picture, too? I am sensing a coffee table book in the works.