Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Woman Sweeping In Front Of Building. She said, "Thank you. I appreciate it!". This is the first black background flower I have given away.

But! Before that I got turned down! I tried to give it to a Woman Walking Past Me. She said no thanks, gave me the hand and steered clear of me.

...and last week, a Friend Of A Previous Flower Recipient said she did not want me to mail her a flower because I told her I would send her a black flower and that made me seem scary. Hmph to that! The background is black, not the actual flower. I should have explained that better.


Tracy said...

Dang FG! The black ones are hottt!

Say, Sport said...

Anyone who turns down these flowers, no matter the color, is probably also afraid to call Voldemort by his name.

Say, Sport said...

Just sayin'. Not hatin'.