Thursday, November 29, 2007


Woman Walking Down Hilliard Street. She said, "Don't try to sell me anything." She took the flower and said, "Give me a cigarette honey." She read the date and thanked me. I rode away and a man a few yards down asked if I was giving away five dollars a day. I said, "No, a flower a day." He thought $5 would be pretty nice. His friend said, "Look what I have!" and pulled a small bottle of Seagram's Gin out of a bag. I was confused and I said, "What's that?" He said, "Liquor! I have twelve of them! Three dollars each." I told him I did not have any money. He said, "Well, go to the tilly and get some money and come back. I'll be here." I was tempted, but I didn't.

I thought it was interesting that he told me to go to the "tilly". When I was a kid, one of the first ATM's was called Tilly. My mother used to say, "I need to bang Tilly" when she needed some money. I wonder if he was calling the ATM "Tilly", if he was referring to the bank in general or to something else.

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2byoung said...

FACTOID: An Atlanta Agency was tasked to name a new machine and technology that would allow bank customers access to the cash in their accounts.

There was alot of fear that people would not like or trust this new system particularly when you would no longer be dealing with humans.

So one consideration was that the name try to "humanize" the experience...adding a sense of trust and friendliness which should incite usage.

Borrowing from a banking and retail term "the till" the name "Tilly" was born and used in the advertising for years.

A sweet red headed female bank machine, Tilly.

I believe it was for Bank of Atlanta which has long since been bought.