Thursday, November 8, 2007


Leigh-Anne. She asked what the date was as we were walking to get coffee. Since the flowers have the date on the back, I pulled out the flower to check. She said that today's flower was prettier than the one I had given her. On the way back from coffee she said, "I really want that flower." She asked if there was a rule against having duplicates, I said, "No" and I gave it to her. She said, "Yaaaay!" and "It is really pretty!".

People really liked the black flowers. This was the last black flower.

Leigh-Anne emailed me: "So, I looked at the original flower you gave me and it is dated May 30th…so it was 5 months ago…but even better you gave it to me on my second day with the company…smooth!"

Ha. I am smooth.

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